It’s late February, so the thought of walking on the white sand beaches of Grand Turk Island likely sounds “as good as it gets” but once you actually arrive in Turks & Caicos there so much more to offer!

You may be the type who wants to spend all day on the beach, or the maybe you want top explore and go on an adventure… either way, Grand Turk Island has you covered.


Since you’re staying at LOVE Villas, there’s no better place to spend the early morning than at the Villa. The view from your balcony first thing in the morning is out of this world. Listening to the water gently lapping below while you sip your morning coffee is essentially the definition of paradise.

After breakfast take a short stroll down the beach before the sun gets too high. There’s no better way to wake up than dipping your feet in the ocean.

Morning is also the best time to get supplies for the day. If you need some beer or wine, some fresh food, or even some souvenirs, everything is just a walk or short drive in your courtesy car away.


After a short trip to the sandbar grill located up the beach for lunch, it’s time to get a quick swim in. At this point the sun is high and it’s getting warm…a dip in the ocean is the perfect way to cool down and reset before an active afternoon. If you’re feeling up for it, grab a snorkel & mask or Stand Up Paddle Board to spice things up!

After jumping back into the Villa for a change of clothes it’s time to make a decision…what do we do for the rest of the afternoon? Do we go scuba diving? Do we go snorkelling from a catamaran? Do we go zip-lining? Do we go whale watching? Do we go to market at the cruise center?  Do we ride the beach on fat-bikes? Do we go for a drive around the island in our free courtesy car? These are just a few of the options to choose from!


The sun is starting to set, so it’s time to either walk the beach during sunset or enjoy it with a drink in hand from your balcony.

For dinner there are some great options for both formal dining and more casual options just walking distance from the Villa. If you’re feeling up for it, make a romantic dinner at the villa in the Full kitchen with fresh food from the local market!

No matter what you chose to do while at Love Villas, we’re sure you’ll have a blast! For recommendations, more details or help booking things to do on the island before you arrive feel free to contact Richard.